Our Temporary Home...

I am finding it oddly difficult to effectively express how I am feeling these days. There is MUCH good in our life right now... but it seems there is always the huge " YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED AND HOMELESS " cloud hanging around waiting to swallow us up.

It is strange... I will be doing something enjoyable like playing with the kids or reading a book and all of a sudden it will hit me BANG - we have no idea where we will be or what we will be doing next month.

And that sucks.

God has provided a truly wonderful place for us to stay temporarily.  I will put pictures of the home- Akeeva Place - in this post so you can see how lovely it is for yourself. Technically we can stay at this lovely home all summer but we MUST find a place to settle before school starts the end of August. That is not optional.

( the living room )

Let me be clear- I am thankful for so very many things right now. There are hardly words to express how amazingly God has provided for us. We have a FREE place to stay that is beautiful and comfortable and  wonderfully well suited for our family. We have been given food and extra money from various sources so even though we have no income and unemployment insurance hasn't kicked in yet we are still ok.

( part of the living room looking to the bedrooms)

But I would be lying if I said we are totally ok. We want to know where we are going and what we will be doing when we get there.

I think living in the unknown is stressful. I like to have a plan. Especially when it comes to big things like where my kids are going to attend school in the fall. Oddly I think that is a greater concern to me than where we will live. We will find a place to live. I know we will. We just need to know where to look first.

( the kitchen)

In any case we ARE enjoying our "vacation". We are resting and spending lots of times as a family and that is good.

Speaking of the family... the kids are ok. Relatively.

( the dining room / kitchen)

Olivia is more emotional than normal and cries rather easily but she is still mostly happy and contended. She is definitely confused though. She wavers between thinking that this is our new permanent home to thinking we are moving back into our old house after our vacation. She just doesn't get it.

Owen is more withdrawn and quiet than he usually is and I can see that the uncertainty throws him off but  of all three kids he seems to be handling things the best. He is a genuinely good boy and I think he is doing his best to behave and go with the flow.

( master bedroom)

Aiden is a mess. Totally and completely. As I knew he would be. He is extremely angry and says and does rather horrible things numerous times per day. That is how he "handles" stress- by exploding all over the place and whoever is in the vicinity suffers.  His Autism mixed with his other issues make this experience a nightmare for him.

For example today Doug was Aiden's chosen target. From first thing this morning until bedtime tonight Aiden was angry at daddy. Dad could do nothing right. Aiden said everything from "I hate you" to "you wish I was dead I know you do" a zillion times throughout the day. Even when you KNOW he doesn't mean the things he says and you KNOW he will be apologizing and asking you to play in 10 minutes it still stings.

Aiden is beginning to master the skill of snarkiness. It is positively infuriating to have conversations with Aiden when he is in a snarky backtalking mood. In fact it is pointless to try but it can be really hard (or unwise) to just let some of the things he says or does go.

( Olivia's room where she refuses to sleep because then she would be alone)

All that being said we KNOW he is just reacting to the situation and that is not his fault. We are trying to be patient and understanding but we are all suffering his wrath and that is not very fun.

Of course God made sure our temporary home has a trampoline for Aiden to bounce on which is one of Aiden's very best stress relievers.  He has spent much time on the trampoline over the last 2 days.

( the room where the boys are staying )

There is also an amazingly gentle dog here that we all adore but has been an especially wonderful gift for Owen. Owen adores the dog and desperately wants to get his own dog. Olivia actually believes the dog will be coming with us when we leave- no matter how many times I tell her that is not the case.

The people who own this home ( we are staying in a self-contained unit on the side of their house) are so sweet and kind and generous. And really, how amazing is it that there are people in this world who would open up their home to complete strangers?? The have converted part of their home into this space specifically for pastors/missionaries in crisis or transition. They have welcomed us with open arms.

Anyway, that is enough rambling from me. I could probably go on forever and never make much sense.

How are you all doing these days? Tell me about your summer!


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