Just go for a drive and Calm Down...

About an hour away from where we are staying at Akeeva Place is a town called Morden, Manitoba. It is actually a really cute little town with tons of big lovely trees and lots of rather "quaint" qualities.

We will often take drives when the kids are getting nuts. Driving has always calmed Aiden down and all three of my kids travel fairly well. Sometimes a drive is the perfect way to help everyone relax a bit.

The other day we drove to Morden and while we were there we found a beautiful school playground - it is really unlike the vast majority of schoolyards I've seen. It had huge trees all over, lots of shade, several play structures in different areas, benches... it was more like a park than a schoolyard. We stopped and let the kids run around a play for awhile and they loved it.

There was a really cool spider-web climbing structure that the kids especially enjoyed. I got Doug to take a few pictures of the kids climbing on it because I thought it looked neat :).

Olivia's hair was absolutely crazy from the wind and the running and playing.

The boys were posing for a picture (surprising, I know!) but Olivia couldn't quite climb to the top to join them.

The best part about this summer has been all the extra time we've gotten to spend together as a family.  :)


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