In Which a Thistle Teaches Me a Lesson

This is a picture of a thistle. They are a very common weed that is ugly and really painful to step on... trust me, I have stepped on many a thistle in my lifetime.

(you would think I'd wear shoes more often to avoid the prickles... but I don't... because I hate shoes... summer is for barefeet)

Thistles are ugly but if you let these painful weeds grow and bloom they produce these gorgeous purple flowers....

I think there is a life lesson to be learnt from thistles.

Even painful prickly ugly things can produce something beautiful if they are given the chance. 

The thing is you have to give them time. You have to let the thistles grow big and tall in order to get the flowers.  Most of the time we just mow over them or kill them off with pesticides or whatever so we never get to see the beautiful flowers.

I think we are in a thistle-y stage of life right now.

We are in a prickly painful situation but we are trusting God that He will create something beautiful from it.

I just hope we get to the beautiful stage sooner rather than later. I am not so good at living with the prickles.


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