Fish Hunting

Well, we have officially been unemployed and "homeless" for 15 days.

We are still staying at the lovely Akeeva Place (refuge for pastors and missionaries in crisis/transition) and we still have no idea where we are going, when we will be going there, or what we will be doing once we arrive.

Our current plan is to return to the town we were living in so the kids can carry on in the same school until we find a job. Assuming we can find a place to live. Currently there are ZERO rentals available... but we are praying that changes in the next couple weeks.

Doug will continue to search for a job in a church (anyone wanna hire us?) but in the mean time the kids can be in the school they love with the staff they love and the friends they love. The less transition for them the better.

In other news we took the kids to a nearby creek and had a fun afternoon exploring. It was so pretty...

Don't ever think that Manitoba is all flat and dry prairie!

The kids started out on the shores but ended up fully immersed in the creek within an hour.

The boys were "fishing" for the little minnows with their hands.

There were dozens and dozens of these tiny little fish swimming around...

The creek wove through banks of tall grasses and it was so beautiful.  We did find several wood ticks on us after our adventure though and we figure they probably climbed onto our clothes from the tall grass. eewwwwww. I hate ticks!!

 I saw this gorgeous butterfly resting in the grass and just had to take his picture...

Doug didn't wade into the creek, he was far too busy taking pictures :)

The boys had an absolute blast fish hunting up and down the creek.

Olivia stuck her toes in the water a few times but preferred to stay on shore.

She wasn't a huge fan of the "slimy" bottom and was scared of the fish.

Owen was definitely NOT afraid of the fish :)

The boys played so nicely together. I love it when they get along so well!

I am very thankful for good times even in the midst of the stressful unknown :).


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