There's a Party in Winkler, Manitoba...

My husband is at a conference this week and the kids and I tagged along for fun... we get to hang out in the hotel and swim in the pool (which even has a waterslide!). It is a nice little break from reality.

On the down side it took us more than 7 hours to get here... here being the thriving metropolis of Winkler, Manitoba. And apparently the internet in Winkler is insanely slow. Shocking I know. Apparently they didn't know I was coming!

I am just not used to slow internet anymore. I am totally spoiled.

It took me 15 minutes to upload that picture of my kids... which I took on the side of the highway in some nameless part of Manitoba this afternoon. Don't you just love Olivia's choice of travelling clothes? I love that she dresses up even for a 7 hour van ride.

And in case you are wondering why we were stopped on the side of the highway ... my boys MIGHT have tried to pee in that lake. Maybe. Or we just stopped to enjoy the view. Possibly.

We also stopped in Winnipeg to drop off our crappy coming-apart-at-the-seams furniture at The Brick so they could replace it with lovely NEW furniture that will hopefully last longer than a couple years. That makes me happy. If you are wondering why The Brick is replacing our furniture you can read about it HERE and HERE.

We actually had a tough time choosing replacement furniture and ended up going with something completely different that looks sort of like this...

I think we will like it... but no matter what it can't possibly be as bad as the stuff we already had!!

We had all 3 kids with us in the store while we were looking and an extremely persistent saleslady that literally followed us around (like maybe 2 feet behind us) the whole time we looked. It was incredibly annoying.

If you are a salesperson... don't do that!! It is obnoxious! If we weren't getting the replacement furniture for free I seriously would have walked out. That just drives me crazy and makes me NOT want to buy from them. Yeesh.

Anyway, I think we will be happy with our new furniture and I am happy it all worked out.

Now to get some rest... I have a busy day tomorrow, full of swimming and watching kids go down a waterslide 60 trillion times in a row! Good times :)


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