The Last Day of School... aka the post where I gush over some really amazing people.

Today was the last day of school for my kiddos. They were pretty excited this morning...

Doug and I spent the day doing something thrilling... packing. I figured it would be a wise thing to do considering we are moving in 5 days and all.

I know I have said it before but I don't think it can be said enough... I am so so so very thankful for the amazing teachers and educational assistants our kids have had this year. I don't even have the right words to express just how amazing I think these people are. Patient, caring, creative, dedicated, unfailingly kind and gracious... I had complete peace of mind leaving my children in their incredibly capable hands each day. I adore them.

I will really really REALLY miss them if we are not here next year.

When we picked the kids up after school today I had to choke back tears. I hated saying goodbye to these wonderful people.

This is Aiden with his teacher Mrs. G. Oh how hard she worked this year... she endured all of the many struggles and tantrums and freak outs that Aiden had and loved him in spite of it all. She looked for the best in him and praised him even on his most difficult days. She cried with us and laughed with us and I know she prayed for us too. And to top it all off she managed to get my kid through grade 3!! An impressive feat in my books.

This is Aiden with his full-time aid Mrs. W..  Aiden adores Mrs. W. and so do we.

She spent every day, all day with Aiden. She did everything from helping him with his work to helping him calm down when he was freaking out. She made school bearable for my kid. I can't even begin to tell you what a difference Mrs. W. made this year. She was the most perfect fit for Aiden.

I don't know if those of you without special needs kids realize just how much of an impact the aid has on a child's school experience. I mean it is HUGE. It really can make or break it. Mrs. W. definitely made this year for Aiden.

Her patience is incredible. She worked so so so hard to make Aiden's school days better for everyone. She is amazing and wonderful and we would very much like to take her with us wherever we go :) .

Aiden cried for almost a full hour after saying goodbye to Mrs. W.. It was very sad. He loves her.

And here is Owen with his teacher Mrs. D....

We've actually known Mrs. D. the whole time we've lived in this town. She was our first contact in this school when we moved here because she was the special needs educator when we arrived. She was amazing with Aiden last year and this year she was an amazing grade 2 teacher for Owen. We love her.

Mrs. D. has become a real friend over the past couple years. I have really appreciated her encouragement and her humour so very much.

Owen, in typical Owen-fashion, refused to get a nice picture taken but since Mrs. D. is such a great sport she coaxed him into these two pictures. I am sure she will just love me posting them here for the world to see :) .

When I got to Olivia's classroom to pick her up the kids were all chasing bubbles. It was so cute to watch.

It is an amazing gift when your child's first school teacher makes them absolutely love school. Olivia loves school. Her face would absolutely light up when she would see Mrs. M.. Olivia pretends to BE Mrs. M. at least once a day and I find it adorable to watch her imitating her teacher and teaching her own make believe JK class ( comprised of me and all her favourite stuffed animals of course) .

And can I just say that I think Mrs. M. is incredible? Because she is. She managed to take care of all those junior kindergarten kiddos with poise, grace and patience AND teach them stuff too! I was lucky enough to get to go on a couple of fieldtrips with her class and I was in awe seeing her in action.

Teachers are amazing.

I honestly don't know how they do it.

In case you haven't figured it out yet I am incredibly thankful for these women and their co-workers at our school. I had to share because I just don't think they get told "thank-you" enough :) .

And now let summer begin!


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