Doesn't she have a couple of sons too?

If you are a regular visitor to my blog you may have noticed that I post a LOT of pictures of Olivia... and not so many pictures of my boys Aiden and Owen.

There is a reason for that.

Actually several reasons...

Both Aiden and Owen are in a "mom, stop taking my picture" stage and when they DO let me take their pictures they give me faces like this...

and it takes me saying something ridiculous like "monkey underpants" or "whale boogers" to make them giggle so I can almost get a real smile out of them.

So even though it may SEEM like I am favouring my daughter, I am really not. It is just that she LOVES to have her picture taken and is thrilled when she can see herself on my blog.

My boys... not so much. I have warned them though that I WILL be taking pictures of them a LOT this summer. Because that is what I do. And they will just have to learn to live with it lol. :)


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