Squinkies for Nintendo DS

We were sent Squinkies for Nintendo DS to try out and Olivia loves it!

Product Features

  • Squishy, squooshy, squashy Squinkies come to life!
  • Finish fun and engaging mini-games in order to free the Squinkies!
  • Collect over 250 cute and lovable Squinkies, and display them all in your customizable bubble bank!
  • Acquire more Squinkies from the Gumball Playhouse with magic coins
  • Includes 4 ultra-rare, highly collectable Squinkies toys, available only in this exclusive bundle!

Olivia was thrilled that this game came with 4 little squinkies toys. She loves the game too. The boys both played the game a few times and enjoyed it... but I think it was a little girly for them. Squinkies is basic enough that Olivia was able to play it without much help from us. Granted she played it poorly but for a four year old I think she did great :).

We are both happy to recommend Squinkies!

* I was sent a free sample of this game to review *


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