My husband and I are feeling a little stressed out these days. 

We are jobless and homeless in 49 days. 

If you missed the story of why that is you can read about it HERE.

We can put our stuff in storage and live in our tent trailer for the summer if need be... but here in Canada there is only so long you can live like that before you turn into human popsicles. 

Plus we can't do that to the kids for very long. It is far too stressful on any child but especially for a kid with Autism to live with that level of uncertainty. 

But there is still time.

49 days. 

Most of the time I don't feel too panicky about it the actual living situation part of it. After all, we have been jobless and homeless and living in our tent trailer before.

True story.

When Aiden was 2 and Owen was 8-10 months we lived in our tent trailer while Doug was between jobs. We stayed with friends and family and after a few months God provided us with a job and place to live. It worked out. Granted I was a crazy insane mess and we went into debt ( camping is not as cheap as one might think) but we didn't starve, we got to spend a whole lot of time together as a family and we made it through.

So I know it will work out again. 

I just wish it would work out a little FASTER. 

But every once in a while... 

(like 18-20 times a day or so) 

I would just love to run away and hide from the current uncertainties in our life. 

Because I DO feel panicky about the school situation- changing schools sucks for any kid but transferring Aiden to a different school is a massive deal and not a simple task. There are many forms to fill out and funding to transfer and "transition plans" to put into place. We have to get the NEW school talking to THIS school so everyone can be as prepared as possible. It is not like I can just show up at the new school on the first day of the new school year and register my kids. That is not how it works for a kid with Autism

We have to get his doctors and specialists here to fill out all the forms necessary to refer us to new specialists in the new location. We have to make sure he has enough medication to last until we get to the new location. There is just a lot involved. 

We need to be somewhere where Aiden can get the resources that he needs to thrive. And unfortunately that isn't possible just anywhere. Ideally we should be starting the process for Aiden NOW but we can't since we don't know where we are going yet. 

THAT makes my stomach ache. 

 I wonder if the fine folks waaayyyy down South near the equator would allow us to park our tent trailer on one of their beaches for the next year or so. That doesn't sound so bad. :)

 Please feel free to pray for us. 

We had to say no to a really good possibility because it just wasn't a good location for Aiden and there really hasn't been any other possibilities so far. Doug is freaking right out.

So we need all the prayers we can get. 

49 days. 

I really need to get going on packing.


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