Pinkalicious for Nintendo DS

If you have ever visited my blog before you will know that my daughter adores the colour pink. I mean she REALLY loves it. SO naturally Pinkalicious is a favourite of hers. Olivia was beyond excited when this Nintendo DS game arrived at our house.

About Pinkalicious
Millions of young girls have been inspired and entertained by one of their favorite characters, Pinkalicious™, since the first book in the series by Victoria Kann, was published in 2006.  With over 7.7 million copies sold and 40 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list, the book series published by HarperCollins includes the original best seller, Pinkalicious and as well as Purplicious, Goldilicious and five early readers. The highly anticipated 4th picture book, Silverlicious, launched February 2011 and immediately became the #1 New York Times best-selling children’s book. Pinkalicious and her Pinkatastic world leap off the pages and into the lives of young girls with a full collection of Pinkalicious consumer products dolls, dress up and activities that celebrate all things pink while showing that being yourself is best of all. For more information on Pinkalicious, please visit .

Pinkalicious for Nintendo DS is rated E for Everyone and that has proven true for us. Olivia is able to play the game on her own for the most part. She can't read yet so she will ask for help with that sometimes but the game is really very self-explanatory.

The game comes with a super cute Pinkalicious stylus that has a DS Screen cleaner attached to it! I love that feature- seriously so clever. Personally it amazes me how gross those DS screens can get with all those little finger prints all over them.

 The graphics are great and the game is just perfect for any young girl. It is based on the bestselling Pinkalicious book series which makes it even more fun for my daughter.

Olivia and I both happily recommend this game to any Pinkalicious fans out there :).

Thanks so much to GameMill Entertainment for sending us a copy of this game to review!


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