My Olivia...

I took this picture of Olivia hiding under a chair on our deck to "surprise" daddy... of course I had to actually go and tell daddy that Olivia was waiting to surprise him since he was working in his office at the time. She loves to hide and surprise us but she is pretty terrible at actually being surprising *snicker*.

She is growing up so fast that it blows my mind. She is getting so tall and looking more and more like a little girl and less and less like a preschooler. Good thing capri pants are fashionable for girls because all of her pants are too short on her now- I can't keep up!

Olivia has started singing to herself more and more and it is just so darn cute. If we notice her she stops right away though. Many times a day I pretend to not hear her sing and not see her dance just so she will keep doing it. I hope she doesn't inherit my self-consciousness. Sometimes she will "perform" for us but not very often.

Today she did something for Owen and then she said "I did that for you Owen because you are my best friend. You and Aiden are my bestest friends. I wuv you Owen."

Of course Owen just grunted and Aiden ignored her entirely ( boys... sheesh! lol ) but I thought it was so adorable. She just adores her big brothers... whether they pay attention to her or not :).

I love my little princess :).


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