My Mother's Day Treasures...

Sunday morning I was gifted with lovely handmade gifts that the kids made for me at school.

Can I just take a moment to say thank-you to all you teachers out there who work so hard to make sure moms get something for mother's day? You rock.

Now back to my gifts. First up was Owen because he was, by far, the most excited to give me his gift.

Even the envelope was decorated!

Inside the envelope was a fun cookbook his class had put together. The cover was decorated and each page had a poem the kids in the class wrote. It was really cute. He also gave me a sweet coaster to put my tea on ( his words ) with "mom" words written on the front.

Olivia was next and she gave me  "real dirt that will grow a plant!". On the side there was her thumbprint with "Thumbody loves me" written. She also gave me pipecleaner flowers wrapped in a washcloth with her picture on it in a beautifully decorated bag of course.

Owen felt the need to be in pretty much every picture :)

Then it was Aiden's turn.

His bag was also decorated beautifully and contained a lovely painted wooden flower and a card with a poem and some of his drawings.

I am most blessed :)

I got a LOT of hugs and "I love you mom"'s and there is just nothing better than that :)

My best Mother's Day Treasures though are my kids..

I have MUCH to be thankful for!


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