Here Comes the Sun!!

We are finally seeing sunshine around here and it feels so lovely :).

Yesterday afternoon the kids played at the park for a bit and they were so happy to be outside without coats and sweaters on. Good times!

The kids have started asking more questions about the move- where are we moving to? when are we moving? why are we moving? can we move to the house down the street? will we be taking _____ with us or leaving it behind? etc. etc. etc.

And of course since we have very few answers the questions are never fully satisfied.

I am sucking at packing so far... we purposefully didn't do much until now because it freaks Aiden out a LOT to have boxes around. It makes the big huge changes seem even scarier to him. I always pack his stuff very last because he just can't handle not seeing his stuff. He is very attached to his stuff. Kids with Autism usually are.

I am really behind in my reviews... I just can't seem to get them done. I sit down to write and all I can think of is " I wonder where we will be living in 6 weeks?" or something similar. Oh well.  I will get it all done eventually :).


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