Backyard Safari Outfitters

Thanks to Team Mom we were given the chance to try out some more cool gear from Backyard Safari Outfitters. Last summer we reviewed the Bug Vacuum, Field Binocs and Cargo Vest.  This time we were sent a Base Camp Shelter, Camouflage, Hiking Stick and the 3-in-1 Compass Tool.

All three of my kids were very excited to try the products out.

Aiden immediately grabbed the hiking stick and the compass and ran outside. He was a big fan of the wolf-head on the hiking stick because it looked like a "warrior's weapon". I am thinking that is not the intended purpose but it is definitely what my sons' have done with it.

Owen told me the stick was like a really cool wolf weapon.

Olivia is a huge fan of the Base Camp Shelter. She hung the camouflage up to make a "secret house"...

Aiden almost immediately took the camouflage back down and wrapped it around himself...

He ran around for quite awhile all covered up and he has told me several times that the camouflage is "the coolest thing ever".

Owen is our natural outdoor explorer kid and he was really excited about the iron-on patches for his cargo vest and the field guides that came with each product.

The shelter has pockets on the sides to hold all their cool gear and it comes with a fun little lantern as well.

The boys had fun figuring out the compass and have told me they want to bring all this cool stuff with us when we go camping this summer.

One of the things I love most about the Backyard Safari gear is how it encourages the kids to really explore their surroundings. Aiden was thrilled to find a little magnifying glass in the compass and spent a good deal of time looking at all sorts of stuff up close.

We've only had the gear for a couple of weeks but the kids have used it every sunny day since it arrived and so far nothing has gotten broken... which I find astounding.

I am a huge fan of Backyard Safari Gear and I know that every kid we've seen use it has loved it too. Perfect for summer fun!

Thanks so much to Team Mom and Backyard Safari Outfitters for giving us the opportunity to review these super cool products!


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