Aiden's Birthday Party

We had a great time at Aiden's birthday party. We went swimming and that is always a hit with my kids. Aiden was really happy.

Olivia loves swimming now that she has realized she won't sink with a life jacket on!

Owen had a tough time because he really wished it was HIS birthday instead of Aiden's (oh jealousy) so I had him invite his buddy Okot to the party to hang out with. Can I just say that Okot has the BEST hair in the world? Love it.

My dear friend Michelle came and painted faces for us- here is Olivia with my mom. Love the face paint :)

This is Aiden with his most wonderful counsellor Marla- Aiden invited her to his party and SHE ACTUALLY CAME!! Best. Counsellor. Ever. We love her.

We really tried to get a decent group shot... and this is the best we got lol...

Here is a video of the celebrations...

And now I have a NINE year old! Wow. :)


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