Wubbzy's Egg-Cellent Easter DVD

Product Description

Nobody celebrates the Easter season quite like Wubbzy and his friends! In these 6 egg-ceptional episodes, Wubbzy discovers new ways to decorate eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt, celebrates the first day of spring with his kickity-kick ball and has to save the holiday when Easter is cancelled! There are plenty of fun and important lessons in this collection of egg-citing Easter episodes from the town of Wuzzleburg! 

Guest Review by *Katherine:

We received our copy of Wubbzy's Egg-Cellent Easter a few days ago and it has certainly been a hit at our house. Both my 4 year old and my 3 year old love to watch it and they both really get into the show. It is a great video that can easily engage kids and even has some good lessons in it concerning the value of doing work yourself, finding joy in what you have instead of obsessing about what you don't and all sorts of other worthwhile ideas.

One of my favorite parts was the episode involving the Easter bunny, where he was unable to deliver Easter eggs because he had eaten only candy, and they talk about not eating too much junk food and enjoying fruits and veggies, and exercise. It was not over the top cheesy but actually got the kids talking about what foods they should be eating. I even heard my son tell my daughter later that she shouldn't ask for a cookie because she needs to eat more fruit...which was both funny and good to hear.
My family also liked the fact that it was not overdone in terms of energy level and voice levels. My husband even mentioned that he appreciated the fact that the main characters didn't shout all the time, and the show did not hype the kids up so a point that they were bouncing off the walls.
If you are looking for a new video for your kids this Easter, I think this would be a great addition that would work for pretty much everyone, and "spring" into a new season.

For more Easter fun with your family you can go to wubbzy.com and print off some coloring sheets or even some great craft ideas.

*Katherine is a Canadian pastors wife and a stay at home mom of two fantastic kids, David is four and Jaclyn is three. Besides being a mother, she has been involved with different childrens programs, she enjoys baking, and other crafts. She has also been blogging since 2006 at Keeping Up With the Heimsoths.

Katherine was sent a free copy of this DVD to review. Thanks for guest reviewing for me Katherine!


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