Ups and Downs

Awhile ago I told you all that my husband was laid off and that his job at the church would be ending the end of June. In case you missed that- it is a good situation, our church is just too small to pay for a full time pastor. Nothing sinister, nothing traumatic... sad... but not traumatic.

Doug's resume is all over the place but as of yet we have nothing even remotely concrete as far as a future job goes.

Today our landlord called and told us they sold the house we are renting. Which is actually a really great thing for them- they are a sweet family and have been trying to sell it for ages and they need the money.

Of course that means that we have to move SOMEWHERE at the end of June whether we have a job to go to or not.

There is a whole heck of a lot of uncertainty in our life right now.

And my firstborn child turns NINE tomorrow.



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