Signs of Spring: Birds and Buds!

There is nothing better than the first signs of Spring after a long cold winter.

I love the hope and promise of new life that Spring brings each year. Trees that look dead and lifeless for 6 months suddenly start to bloom with just the tiniest bit of warmth and sunshine.

When the birds finally return from their winters down South it is beautiful to hear their songs. And my cat is especially thrilled with their return... but don't worry birdies, he is out of shape from the long winter inside.

These birds are so tiny- smaller than my hand. So tiny and so perfect. And there are literally dozens of them in my yard right now :) .

Spring is God's way of reminding us that even the coldest, darkest night has a dawn!

Hope is a very good thing :)

(now if only it would WARM UP outside it would be perfect!)


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