The Brick Makes It Right! Customer Service #WIN

Last week I wrote this post about our truly horrendous experience with The Brick.

Well guess what?

A delightful lady from their corporate office read my blog post and called us today to make it right!!

She can't exchange our living room set because they don't make it anymore (good call on that by the way since it was clearly sucky) so she is giving us a voucher for the full amount we paid and we can choose a new set!

We are very pleased. We wish it had not taken so long and we wish it hadn't taken a blog post for someone to listen to us- but we are thrilled that they finally did. The moral of the story? Never underestimate the power of social media my friends!

SO a big huge thank-you to The Brick for making it right!!

Now to figure out a way to get our current set back to them (the nearest store is 4.5 hours away from where we live) so we can trade it in for a new one! And I have to figure out what we want to replace it with!

I am thinking maybe this sectional...

with maybe these chairs as accents?

or maybe the sectional in two-tone?

Maybe the lighter microsuede would get dirty too fast?

This set is similar to the one we already have... sort of... except it is brown and in microsuede instead of cheap leather...

but I'm kind of scared to get anything even remotely similar to our current set.

Those sectionals sure do look comfy. We are going to try and stay away from leather or leather-like material because all the kids just hate the feel of it and I am not a huge fan either. I love the expensive leather but anything we can afford is not so soft feeling.

I tend to like the brown/ beige stuff more than the black/white motifs too.

What do you think? Microsuede yay or nay? Sectional or a set? I am really hoping we don't choose a dud this time!


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