Sunshine in the Afternoon

Spring is still far away for us. It was below zero outside today and the frozen ground is still covered in several feet of snow. There are no flowers peeking through and not even the smallest bud has begun to grow on the trees. My kids have all been asking when winter will be over... I'd like to know too :) .

This afternoon the sun was shining through our dining room window and my daughter was drawn to that square of sunshine. She brought some toys over and lounged in the sun for a long time. She told me that she loved how warm the sun felt.

Oh I can't wait for Spring.

Olivia, Aiden and I are still pretty sick. Olivia is definitely on the mend but Aiden and I are still feeling pretty rough. Maybe Aiden and I should have curled up in the sun patch with Olivia this afternoon too :) .


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