We are laying pretty low today. All three kids have fevers and coughs but the puking seems to have stopped... for now anyway. So far Doug and I are ok... I have a cold but nothing major. I hope it stays that way.

I took these pictures of the kids on our drive home from our mini-vacation in Winnipeg yesterday. This one is near the beginning of the trip- before the van had warmed up. Olivia pulled her hat down over her face and was asleep within seconds. Thanks to Gravol she and Aiden slept the vast majority of the ride home. Except when the puking was happening of course. Ick.

This is near the end of the 4.5 hour drive.  Olivia and Aiden both looked so pale! Owen wasn't really that sick yet so he spent the hours watching movies. Oh how I love our portable DVD player!!

I really hope this sickness nastiness goes away quickly. 

Oh...  and tomorrow is the first official day of Spring. It is snowing like crazy here. No Spring anywhere in sight for us :( .


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