Shop Safely and Save Money Online * guest post *

I want to thank Tara for giving me the opportunity to do a guest post on her terrific blog. Since I am big proponent of bargain shopping on the Internet, I wanted to use this post to give some tips on how to shop online safely. After all, no deal or bargain is worth the money if you are compromising your credit card or personal information. Here are a few tips on how to shop safely on the Internet.
~ Know Your Store - If you are considering making a purchase from an online retailer that you have never heard of before, do not use blind faith. Instead, try and find out if the store has any proven track record, either good or bad, by doing a Google search for the store to see what others have to say. Also, search the Better Business Bureau to find out more about the store in question. Don't be afraid to trust your gut instinct as well. If the online retailer you are considering buying your digital camera from is offering it at 50% less than anywhere else, the store is probably to good to be true.
~ http:// Versus https://  - A great way to make sure the online store you are buying from is using software that will secure your transaction is to look in the web address bar of your web browser. When you reach the checkout or billing page the http:// should change to https://, a good way to remember this is that the added 's' stands for security. If there is no 's', you should NOT enter your credit card number as this information could easily be compromised by a 3rd party.
~ Print, Print, and Print. Finally, always remember to print out your receipt once your purchase is complete. In many cases, this will be your main recourse if something happens to your order or if it gets lost in transit.
Follow these tips and the odds of your information getting stolen is next to nothing. Remember to shop smart and enjoy the savings you can find when shopping online.
About the Author: A little about me, my name is Kyle James, I live in northern California with my wife and 3 young kids. I own and operate a website called which specializes in online coupons for over 600 stores, organized by category and alphabetically. I also have a blog where I write about frugal living, tips on saving money, and other musings and funny stories about life.


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