Mega Bloks Domino Build Game review

Last week we received the Mega Bloks Domino Build game in the mail. Olivia was super excited to try it out. The bloks are bright and colourful and have pictures of cute animals on them- perfect for my little 4 year old.

Domino Build Game Description from Mega Brands, Inc.:

  • Children ages 3-6 years will have fun learning all about colours, numbers, matching and motor skills
  • Children perceive shapes and colours through observation, touch and taking objects into their hands. The Domino Build Game offers a variety of solid colours and basic shapes imperative to teaching your child the distinctions among shapes and colours
  • Developing fine motor skills requires patience, practice and determination. The tangible nature of playing and manipulating this product gives your child opportunities to develop muscle movement and hand-eye coordination
  • The Domino Build Game is great for both boys and girls

Olivia loves this game. She won't always play by the rules but that isn't a big surprise! It is a good opportunity to practice taking turns and learning to play fair. We managed to convince Aiden and Owen to play with us once but it was definitely not challenging enough for them (ages 7 & 8).

I appreciated the fact that the game could be played relatively quickly. Olivia can't concentrate for too long and this game was just the right length for her. She loved getting to build her animal with the bloks. She loved matching up the dominos. She really enjoyed the whole thing and has played it several times since it arrived.

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