Hotel Castle Theme Room in Winnipeg = Fabulous!

Since it is our Spring Break we decided to do something special. We are on a mini-vacation in Winnipeg and it has been great so far! I want to tell you about the amazing hotel we are staying at. Let me preface this by saying I am not being paid or sponsored in any way for this post... I am just really impressed!

We booked a family theme room at the Canad Inns Destination Fort Garry hotel. The room is "Castle" theme and it is FANTASTIC!! We have stayed in theme rooms before at other hotels and this one so far surpasses them all that it is unbelievable.

We had been in the room for about 15 minutes when the front desk called up to make sure we were happy. Then about a half hour later the general manager called to make sure we were satisfied!! Talk about amazing customer service!!

Let me give you a little tour of this gorgeous room!

Here is the bedroom area...

It has a lovely king size bed and two robes were folded up just waiting for us on each corner.

I absolutely LOVE all the detail work in the design- everything from cool closet doors and amazing murals to themed kleenex boxes and curtains.

This is the gorgeous jacuzzi with my children posing nicely for you all...

There is a little sitting area with a table and on it was a personal note welcoming us to the hotel and gifting us with a complimentary bottle of wine, juice, a cheese / fruit / crackers plate and a cookies / strawberries plate!

The food was delicious and such a nice treat!

 This is the kids room with a very cool mural...

They even made the desk area lovely...


My kids love this Castle theme room and so do we!!

Tomorrow I am going to take my camera down to the pool / waterslide area and take some pictures because it has the greatest murals everywhere! 

Happy Spring Break everyone :)


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