Yogi Bear: The Video Game

Just before Christmas we were sent Yogi Bear: The Video Game to review but in the craziness of the holidays it was completely forgotten about! So a couple weeks ago I pulled it out again. Here is a description of the game...

The 100th Anniversary of Jellystone Park is fast approaching – and land developers want to shut it down! Based on Warner Bros. Studios live-action/CG animated feature film Yogi Bear™, Yogi Bear™: The Video Game lets players become “smarter than the average bear” while exploring the park as Yogi. Belly slide, zip-line, bungee, and sneak through majestic levels, all the while rescuing protected animals and finding a way to save Jellystone Park from shutting down forever!


 ·         Explore the four unique worlds within Jellystone Park: the lofty Lookout Mountains, the Wilderness Trail, Jellystone Lake, and Eagle Mountain.
·         Jump, slide, crawl, belly stomp and zip-line through majestic locations within Jellystone; use Yogi’s flying glider in special areas!
·         Scavenger Hunts: Collect a variety of items (including junk!) to build useful gadgets and access hidden areas.
·         Sneaking: As Yogi, avoid detection by Ranger Smith and other humans while collecting pick-ups to build a new contraption or grabbing a couple of ‘pic-a-nic’ baskets.
·         DS version: Unique to the DS version, play as Boo-Boo and create unique gadgets through fun, stylus-based minigames.


Unfortunately we have not seen the movie yet so my kids were not as interested in this game as they might otherwise be. Aiden (age 8) and Owen (age 7) did play it several times though and they said it was fun and pretty easy to play. They said it made them want to watch the movie. Perhaps their interest will grow after we have seen the movie! Both my husband and I thought the game looked fun but that could be just because we have a fondness for good ol' Yogi Bear :).

If you have Yogi Bear fans in your house than this might be the perfect game for them!

Thanks so much to D3Publisher for sending us a copy of this game to review.


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