Scentsy Buddy review

This is a picture of my sleeping princess that I just took a few minutes ago. She is so adorable when she sleeps. She has to have everything just right... the right pillow, the right blankets, the right jammies and the right stuffed friends to sleep with. One of those friends is ALWAYS her special pink bunny and for the past few weeks her new friend Penny the Pig has joined the bedtime crew.

Penny the Pig is a Scentsy Buddy and Olivia was SO excited when she arrived at our home earlier this month. She arrived in her own little cardboard carrier with her very own scent pack. The scent pack we received is called Perfectly Pomegranate but there are 15 different scents to choose from.

 Here is some information I got from the sponsor:

For the child in your life or the child in you, the Scentsy Buddy is the perfect cuddly companion and is always ready for fun with a big dose of fragrance that’s just right! 

Whether it’s Ollie the Elephant, Lenny the Lamb, Penny the Pig, Mollie the Monkey, Ribbert the Frog or Roarbert the Lion, each Buddy features a zippered pocket to hold a scrumptious Scentsy fragrance.  Just insert a Scent Pak and bring your Buddy to life.

Scentsy Buddies, for children ages 3 years and up, are available at for $30.  This includes one Scent Pak and individual Scent Paks are available for $8.

For more Scentsy Buddy fun, go to  to meet all of the Buddies, download Buddy Valentines, play games, create beautiful Buddy artwork and more.

I must admit that at first I found the fragrance a bit overpowering but after a few days it mellowed into a softer scent. Olivia loved Penny the Pig and her fragrance immediately. Penny is soft and cuddly and Olivia has carted her all over.  Both Olivia and I love her!

If you would like to purchase one of these adorable Scentsy Buddies you can find a Scentsy consultant on the website. ( Shout out to my wonderful friend and Scentsy Consultant Tammi - Hi Tammi! )


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