A New Diagnosis?

A couple weeks before Christmas we had yet another assessment for Aiden- this time with a psychiatrist. Yesterday we got his report back and we got a little surprise.

For the past few years Aiden's diagnosis has always been high-functioning Autism and ADHD.

Apparently the psychiatrist disagreed with that. Not the Autism part... that is just obvious. But the ADHD part.

Apparently he replaced the ADHD diagnosis with an Oppositional Defiant Disorder diagnosis. And then he threw the "mixed developmental learning disabilities" in there.

We have no idea what prompted the change so we are still looking in to it.

I just find it fascinating.

Just goes to show that you never know for sure. I don't really have any opinions on it yet... I'm still processing. But honestly I am not sure if I agree.


Oh... and those reports are really not very easy to understand. I think there should be a parent guide or something that goes along with the report. Thankfully I have the internet and wonderful people who were willing to help me interpret it! Thanks friends :)


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