Kung Zhu

Before Christmas we were sent Kung Zhu for Nintendo DS to try out. With all the excitement of the holidays the game was forgotten so I reintroduced it a few weeks ago. Here is a description of the game:

From the Manufacturer

The Kung Zhu™ Warriors have sworn to protect the Zhu artifacts, but now they have been stolen! Your mission - restore peace and serenity and recover the missing artifacts!

Key Game Features

  • FAST-PACED HIGH-HUMOR ACTION! - Jump into the fight using combo moves, quick dash moves and devastatingly silly special Zhu-power moves - all features detailed over-the-top visual effects!
  • Six Unlockable Characters! - Take control of Stonewall, Duke, Drayko, and all of your favorites in the ultimate Zhu adventure!
  • High Exploration! - Battle and explore within a variety of Zhu-themed environments full of opportunities for collateral damage!
  • Cooperative Multiplayer Adventure! - Face off against Azer and Thorn’s minions and converted AZhu with a friend over local wireless
  • Replayable Stages: - Replay with various characters earns experience, high-scores, and bonus power-up rewards! New ranks in the Zhu warrior class unlock to the truly accomplished Zhu-Master.
  • Level Up You Zhu! - Advance each character independently through experience, armor, and power-ups! Focus on optimizing your favorite or advance them all.


The game is rated E 10+ so technically my boys (ages 7 & 8) are too young for it. However since they have the Kung Zhu toys they were pretty excited to try out the game. It was certainly a little difficult for them and they needed my husband to help them out a fair amount but once they got the basics down they were able to play it fairly well.

I asked them what they thought of it and they told me they though the Kung Zhu pets were cool and the game was fun but hard.

We had an older kid from our church over (he is 12) and he played it for awhile and said it was really cool. He didn't seem to have any trouble playing it at all and needed no instruction whatsoever.

All in all I think this is a fun game for kids slightly older than mine!

Thanks so much to Activision for sending me a copy of this game to review.


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