How To Make a Pond

Pond Making 101 with Olivia Joy...

Step 1:

Put on appropriate pond-making clothing ( in Olivia's case this means her Christmas dress and black tights) and find the perfect place for your pond ( or the middle of the dining room floor).

Step 2:

gather supplies

- shells
- rocks
- pieces of coral
- a container for the pond
- water
- sand or sand substitute
- plastic toy food
- plastic alien
- monopoly pieces
- plastic dolphin

Step 3:

line your pond container with your sand or sand substitute... which in Olivia's case was my sand-ish coloured placemat

Step 4:

place pond objects on the "sand"

Step 5: 

 fill pond with water

Step 6:

Bask in the glory of your new creation.


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