Do Not Disturb the Disturbed.

Owen made a sign for his bedroom door yesterday and tonight at bedtime I was taking a picture of it because I really love the sign. It says " Do not Desterb pleas. I want to Be alone. " 

and this is what Owen looked like while I was taking the picture...

he was saying something like "Why do you always have to take pictures of everything mom?" in an exasperated tone of voice. :)

Aiden was home sick from school today which really sucked for him considering today was one of the few days he actually really wanted to go. He was so sad to miss his Valentine's party and stuff. But he really was too sick to go.

I took this picture of him sleeping tonight just to show you all just how many pillows and blankets and things he likes to have surrounding him. He is propped up tonight to help with the coughing but he always loves to sleep in as much of a nest-like space as possible. A lot of kids with Autism love that.

Aiden made a sign for his door today too. On one side is a happy guy which he told me means that company is welcome in his room...

On the other side is a sleeping guy which means everyone should stay out...

I wonder if I put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on my door if anyone will listen?

I'm thinking not.

Happy Valentines Day everyone :)


Cheryl said…
Man! If I could get a do not disturb sign for my bathroom I'd be happy!! Small steps for me.... Peeing in peace followed by taking over the world!!!

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