Big Changes Ahead...

This picture was taken exactly two years ago. It was taken by my husband at my sweet friend Becky's house on the night before we moved from Saskatchewan to Ontario.

I find it fascinating that exactly two years later, at our annual meeting tonight, it was made official that we will be once again moving.

We have no idea where though.

As you all know my husband is a pastor. He is currently working in a very small church and unfortunately it is so small that they can no longer afford to pay him. So as of the end of June he needs to find a new job. That will very likely entail moving.

We have no idea WHERE though.

On the up side there is no angry feelings with him being laid off- sad, yes - but not angry. The folks in our church are genuinely kind and loving and generous people. There just isn't enough of them to pay a salary. The decision was not a surprise to us and my husband was a part of coming to this decision. We were not ambushed or fired or treated cruelly in any way.  It was not an easy decision for anyone to make.

It sucks but it will be ok.

We just have to trust that even though WE have no idea what is going on GOD does. I am not a huge fan of the unknown. Fear and anxiety often threaten to overtake my sense of well-being. One of the many joys of being me :) .

Over the last couple weeks I have had a lot of peace about our current situation... but at the same time I feel all panicky whenever I think of what this transition means for our children. I know they will be ok but I also know that change is incredibly hard for everyone and especially hard for kids with special needs.

So there you have it folks... my big news.

We would appreciate any prayers murmured on our behalf through this time of uncertainty.

Thanks :)


What a perfect excuse to come to AB!!

Either way, you will get through this, yet I know - change and uncertainty is always scary.
{hugs Tara!}
Praying for you and your family!

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