TASSIMO T45 home brewing system * review *

If you are a regular blog reader than you have most likely Tassimo all over the blogosphere and all the reviews I have read have been very positive. I was pretty excited when I was contacted with the opportunity to review one for myself!

Enjoy your favourite brands like STARBUCKS®, NABOB, MAXWELL HOUSE, TWININGS® and SUCHARD from the comfort of your own home. TASSIMO systems are the only brewers with barcode technology, ensuring that your favourite coffees, teas, lattes and hot chocolates are made perfectly, every time. 

Before Christmas I was sent the Tassimo T45 home brewing system along with 2 kinds of T Discs to try out and I love it!

The TASSIMO T45 home brewing system comes in two smooth metallic colours, has an advanced water filtration system and boasts the following features:

* Innovative barcode technology that delivers the perfect drink every time
* Available in Glamour Red and Silk Silver
* Chrome accents
* Mavea® MAXTRA water filtration system
* Removable 1.8 litre water tank
* Innovative lift cup stand
* Noise reduction system
* Immediately ready to brew drinks
* No taste transfer between drinks
* Low energy consumption
* Fully automatic one-button operation
* Automatic cleaning and descaling program

I think the Tassimo is so cool! I love that I can make a cup of delicious tea in less than a minute anytime I want. Since I am a tea drinker I had my husband and various friends try out the various coffee drinks and everyone has given me rave reviews! One of my friends even went out and bought a Tassimo for herself :).

My Tassimo was extremely easy to set up and it is incredibly easy to use. Seriously... there is nothing difficult about it at all. It doesn't take up very much counter space and it is as quiet as a normal coffee maker to use.

There are lots of different drinks you can have and we have been able to find almost all of them at our local stores... which is impressive considering where we live ( as in NOT a major centre by any stretch of the imagination!).  You can also find a whole bunch of recipes you can make with your Tassimo on their website.

I think the T Disc technology is really cool:

The ingenious TASSIMO T DISC is designed to work exclusively with the TASSIMO home brewing system. Each T DISC contains ground coffee, tea, chocolate or concentrated milk product, and is sealed to protect the flavours inside.

While other single serve coffee makers treat all drinks the same way, TASSIMO understands that each beverage requires a specific brew process. Using barcode technology, the system reads every T DISC individually and adjusts the temperature, water volume and brew time. This way every coffee, tea, latte and cappuccino is made exactly the way it’s meant to be – perfect.

All the brewing happens inside the T DISC’s 'mini brewing-chamber', using a unique inverse flow. Your drink pours directly from the T DISC into the cup so you can prepare different drinks, one after the other with no taste transfer.

My husband likes the Tassimo because it means he doesn't waste half a pot of coffee every day. My mom thought the fact that I could make her a cappuccino was extremely cool. My sons adore the hot chocolate. I would say the Tassimo has been a huge hit in our household!

Thanks so much to the amazing folks at Tassimo for sending me this amazing system to try out!


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