Happy birthday to ME!

I have had a tough few weeks and this week has been especially difficult... but I don't really want to talk about that right now. Instead I want to tell you all about the lovely birthday party I had last night! 

Technically my birthday is Christmas Day but since we were all kind of busy that day (to say the least) birthday celebrating with my friends just had to wait :). So last night a few of my friends took me out, fed me and gave me presents to celebrate me surviving to 35 years of age! 
( if you had my week you would know what a great accomplishment that is )

I actually forgot to bring my camera last night and no one else had one either so I don't actually have any pictures of the party itself... but I took pictures of my presents this morning just for fun :)

I tried to get a nice picture of my fun presents (with Olivia's help of course) but it is kind of hard to tell what everything is. So here is some closer up...
"Mommy's Sippy Cup" from my friend Michelle- which she says belongs with a bottle of wine of course :)
a lovely candle with pretty beachy-type stuff on a pretty plate from my friend Tina
The most lovely smelling soap that looks like a piece of birthday cake from my friend Candi... Olivia was annoyed that it wasn't eatable!
Pretty paper and a Starbucks gift card from my friends Kelly and Tracy.
and a gorgeous handmade necklace from my extremely talented and creative friend Joella (aka One Artsy Chick ... go see her stuff because it is all beautiful! She also added some lovely chocolates that were promptly stolen from me by my children :)

Thank-you to my sweet friends! Love you guys!


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