Flat Jordan

Over the Christmas holidays our family got to host "Flat Jordan" for 10 days. For those of you wondering what on earth that might be it is a small, flat, cardboard person like this...

It is a really cool project based on the Flat Stanley books. Kids make up flat versions of themselves (aka Flat Aiden, Flat Owen, or Flat Jordan in this case) and then send themselves to far off places for adventures.

Flat Jordan originated in a grade 2 classroom in Colorado and he was in BC before he arrived at our house and we sent him on to China! The kids in his classroom of origin are tracking the progress of their flat counterparts in an effort to learn more about the world in a really fun way.

Which is actually why I am bringing it up now. I made a little blog of Flat Jordan's stay at our house for the grade 2 kids back in Colorado ( I'm a blogger, what can I say... I found that significantly easier and more fun than writing a real letter). Now my friend in China is continuing on with the blog and already she has put up a post about Flat Jordan visiting Beijing, Tienanmen Square, and the Forbidden City. So cool.

I just thought those of you with youngish kids might like to show them. Probably a lot of them are doing Flat Stanley projects of their own. We've hosted two this year so far :).

You can find the blog at Flat Jordan's Adventures.


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