Emotional Aiden

 Just before school ended on Thursday Aiden's aid told him she would not be working with him anymore- a new aid would be starting with him on Monday morning.  This, in and of itself, is not a crisis. But unfortunately she told him with no preparation just before the start of a long weekend.

When we arrived at the school to pick him up he was sobbing. He was completely freaked out and there was NO way I was going to spend the whole weekend with him feeling panicky about a new aid. So we went down to the office and asked to meet the new aid before we went home.

It turns out that the new aid is someone Aiden is sort of familiar with since she has filled in with him before but Aiden didn't know her name and so didn't KNOW he knew her until seeing her face to face. She was very sweet and the principal and teacher and aid all chatted with him until he calmed down and we went home.

Aiden was so exhausted from sobbing and from the emotions coursing through him that he sat on our couch for a good hour wrapped in his blanket watching TV. He looked so sad...

The next day we got a phone call from the school apologizing for the way it had happened- apparently there was supposed to be a transition time but the aid got mixed up and told him before she was supposed to. I know they will do their best to make the transition easier but changes like this are so hard on kids with Autism.

Aiden talked to his counsellor briefly on Friday and she is going to try and spend some time with his new aid to make the transition even smoother.

I must say though considering just how upset he was the weekend has gone remarkably well. The doctor upped Aiden's dosage of his medication a tiny bit and I really think it has made a huge difference. He is sleeping better and just generally a happier kid.

He is also so happy to know that he has his own special place at school to go when he is upset or needs a break. I forgot to take a picture of it but you can see it just behind the girls in this picture...

(this was Olivia playing with two of the girls in Aiden's class during family literacy day on Thursday... and yes, it was also jammie day at school too)

You can see his fuzzy green pillow and fuzzy yellow and black blanket ( some sports team... I forget which one now... ). He chose them himself and he chose where he wanted to put them in his classroom. He loves small, cave-like spaces so it is just perfect for him. And under that part of the counter there is no cords or anything so it is safe too.  It is also right by where his teacher sits so he feels extra safe (he adores his teacher).

It is amazing what small things like a blanket and a pillow can do for a kid with sensory issues. It calms him right down and he feels way less panicky knowing that there is always a safe place for him to go. Now instead of trying to run home when he is upset he just goes to his special space. He also has some fidgets (sensory toys) and his little ipod thing and headphones so when he needs to really block out the world he can.

They even let him have lunch there- he gets to invite one friend per day to sit and eat with him so that makes it so special.

Yay for a teacher and a school that is so willing to accommodate my son!


April Yedinak said…
Oh, I feel for him. Even the smallest disruption can upset a young child, with or without autism. I think a lot of adults don't realize how much they rely on us to make the world less scary. I hope things go well with the new aid.

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