Aiden's Cuddle Swing

We were sent the most wonderful gift today - a Cuddle Swing!! It is a gift for Aiden from very dear friends of ours.

Here is what a Cuddle Swing is for those of you who don't know...

Increase calming and organizing input by providing deep touch pressure and vestibular stimulation in our Cuddle Swing. Postural flexion is also encouraged while your child or client lies in the swing. Made of soft, stretchy nylon cordura fabric, children will find this swing fun and comfortable.

Aiden loves it. Kids (and grown-ups) with Autism usually love deep pressure so this is perfect for him. You can read Temple Grandin's thoughts on her article Calming Effects of Deep Touch Pressure.

Here is a video I took today of his first experience with his new swing...

Thank-you Jonathan and Becky for sending us such a wonderful gift. We love you!


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