A Tuesday Out

My sweet darling baby girl (who is so not a baby anymore) turns FOUR years old tomorrow. Here are some pictures my husband took of the kids today...
 Tonight I co-hosted my very first twitter party... I think it went well... but it meant that I was very focused and working for several hours this evening and am rather wiped out now.
 So we took the kids to Dairy Queen after school for a treat to make up for the fact that I would be completely unavailable all evening.  And also to make up for the fact that Aiden's very best friend (aka his counsellor Marla whom he absolutely adores) was sick today and couldn't go to their appointment. He sobbed. He really does love her. Which is logical since she is amazing. We love Marla.
 Aiden's black eye from running his sled into the side of our house on the weekend is looking lovely and yellowish now.
 Owen was especially excited to go out for treats. He even managed to snag a candy cane off the Dairy Queen Christmas tree. The kid REALLY loves Christmas. He takes after his mother :)
 And on a very happy note we saw the Pediatrician last week and he upped Aiden's dosage of his medication again and as a result he is doing a whole lot better.

 Aiden's teacher told me it was like watching him come back from some unpleasant place- welcome home Aiden :)

 We ordered a pink princess birthday cake for Olivia. I do believe she will be pleased. :)

 The boys even went shopping with daddy and chose gifts for our little princess. They are pretty excited to give them to her.
 Olivia was feeling miffed with us at this point... but just look at that static-y clingy hair. Oh the joys of living in the great white North!
 I love my kids.
 I think they are truly fabulous and hilariously funny.
 And now I am off to blow up pink balloons and decorate with some pink streamers... and yes... everything will be pink. It is Olivia's special day after all.

My baby is 4. Wow.


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