Times they are a-changin' !

 I was sent this little guest post and I found it fascinating so I wanted to pass it on! Enjoy :)

Mailing letters to Santa at the North Pole? Hand-writing thank you notes for Christmas sweaters?  Ancient history.

According to a recent survey conducted by free group texting app textPlus, teenagers prefer texting to writing when it comes to holiday traditions. 

Of the 840 13-17-year-olds polled:

·        72% say they’d rather text a wish list to Santa than mail him a letter (and they can do so, thanks to textPlus: www.textingsanta.com).
·        61% prefer to say thank you for a present via SMS, not a handwritten note…
·        …and 70% of them said they’d actually prefer to RECEIVE a text thank you instead of a handwritten note

And what will they be doing Christmas morning once all the gifts are open?  74% said they’d be texting with their friends about what they got.

Guest post by Drew Olanoff is the author of the post. He is the Director of Community and resident “textpert” at group texting app textPlus.

 What about you? What do you think of sending a texts to Santa? How about sending texts to say thank-you? Personally I love it... I love how immediate it is... the thank-you is done while everything is totally fresh in your mind. I don't consider it rude at all... do you?


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