Thursday 13: Why Winter in Northwest Ontario, Canada Isn't So Bad

1. Frost.

It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. It makes even the simplest of objects look like art. I took all 13 of these pictures in our yard this morning.

2. Bragging Rights.

We can honestly claim to have carried on regular life regularly in -40 degree weather ( Celsius that is... -22 Farenheit for my American friends)

3. We raise hearty children. 

Our kids have no problem playing outside in the snow for hours at a time. They think it is fun.

4. Snow very rarely constitutes a crisis.

When is snows for days on end no one panics. The schools are still open. People still go to work. Everyone still drives. It just creates more work for our local snowplow operators and that makes them happy.

5. Snow makes everything look brighter, fresher, cleaner, and more picturesque. 

This is a picture of our street. It could be on a postcard. You learn to appreciate the beauty of snow when it is around for months and months each year.

6. Bright Sunshine and gorgeous blue skies look lovely against the white snow and we do get a lot of sunshine.

This picture is looking the other direction on our street.

7. We get to wear winter boots, coats, hats, mitts, scarves and snowpants daily. Therefore we get really good at getting our kids in and out of said clothing in a hurry. We could totally win a race.

8. Winter Sports.

People here participate in crazy amounts of winter sports... skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, skating, ice fishing... and they actually enjoy it!

9. It makes us REALLY appreciate the other 3 seasons of the year. 

Spring is eagerly anticipated by everyone. Summer is embraced wholeheartedly. Autumn is reveled in. There is no confusing the seasons... each one is distinct and obvious.

10. Sounds are softer when everything is covered with snow. 

It is hard to describe... but everything just sounds a little less harsh in our snow covered world.

11.  Folks here have learned to be excellent winter drivers.

We know how to drive in ice and snow and blizzards and most of the time avoid accidents. It is necessary for survival around here.

12.  Folks in this area are great to have as neighbours. 

They regularly help each other out... everything from helping a neighbour shovel their driveway to pushing a stuck car out of a snowbank is commonplace.  When winter lasts as long as it does you learn that community is very important.

13. We are guaranteed to have a White Christmas. Every. Single. Year. :)


Karyn Climans said…
Beautiful photos! I think we all forget to stop and look around at the magic of nature around us especially at this time of year! Thanks for sharing.
Happy holidays to you and your family ... and Happy Birthday wishes to you as well.

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