... about the excessive number of reviews over the last couple days. I am having trouble with my pre-scheduled posts... I schedule them but for some odd reason only some of them post!! SO I found a whole bunch of gift guide posts that I had scheduled for a couple weeks ago that had never been published. Since they are supposed to be done by Christmas I am having to push them out rather quickly.

I promise it will end soon!

My husband asked me if I was ever going to write anything that wasn't product-related any time soon... you know it's bad when you even start to annoy your husband!

Anyway, there are only a few more to go and then things will be back to normal.

Did you know it is Christmas in 4 sleeps???

And no, I am NOT ready yet! Yikes!

Here is a cute picture of Owen just for fun :)


Unknown said…
I have been having to push mine out too. I wasn't on the computer enough to do a post for the last couple days so will have to really start rushing now! Thankfully I don't have many left to post.

Love the new design by the way!

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