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Christmas is in 12 sleeps and I have a LOT to do to get ready! One of those things is wrapping up all the gifts (that we haven't actually purchased yet... we are so far behind this year it is frightening!). I actually enjoy wrapping gifts most of the time. I only resort to gift bags when I don't have the time (or creative energy) to actually wrap stuff. I just love how pretty gifts look all wrapped up and I love that it takes longer to unwrap gifts than just yank them out of a gift bag. It adds to the fun of Christmas morning for me.

I was recently sent some fabulous products from Scotch Brand to make my gift wrapping adventures go a little more smoothly this year. I have been using Scotch tape as long as I can remember and love it... it just ALWAYS works the way I want it to! You can't beat that.

I was also sent an amazing pair of Precision Ultra Edge Scissors which I positively adore. For some reason I suck at keeping decent scissors around and last Christmas I ended up using those tiny little-kid safety scissors to wrap gifts with! Not fun. This year will be much better with those scissors and the super useful Pop-Up Tape Handband :).

Here are some great tips from the very creative Lynn Spence to help make your gift wrapping experience a little more enjoyable this year.

 Lynn’s tips for holiday gift wrapping:

    •    Stock Up – Before you start wrapping, make sure you have all of the necessary supplies. Quality scissors and tape will make the gift wrapping experience a breeze (see proof points below):
    •    Stay Sharp – Have a sharp pair of scissors, such as Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Scissors, for cutting paper and other materials. It will allow you to achieve greater precision with your cuts. And if tape on your scissors is a pet peeve, Scotch Precision Ultra Edge Non-Stick Scissors use non-stick technology that means no more sticky build up on blades.

    •    One of a Kind Tags – You can make your own gift tags by using the back of old holiday cards. Cut pictures or words from magazines, and paste them on the gift card to make it festive. Voila! Your own customized gift tag.
    •    Go Glam – Add luxury to your packages with glamorous materials such as metallic papers that will make anyone feel spoiled. Fashioned inspired animal print or sophisticated quilted paper will look luxurious under the tree.

    •    Mix It Up – Move away from traditional wrapping paper by incorporating new textures such as rice, foil and matte papers into your wrapping repertoire. Mixed colours and patterns are also a great way to add visual interest to your presents.
    •    Au Natural – For a more organic, eco look, use recycled papers or materials such as linen, Kraft paper, fabric remnants, burlap or a fabulous vintage scarf.
    •    In Lieu of Glue – For tasks where you’d traditional use glue, reach for Scotch® Double-Sided Tape, a no-mess alternative for light duty attaching and mounting tasks.

    •    Fit to Be Tied – Homemade bows are easier to make than you think. Simply tie the ribbon as you would a shoelace, and use fresh greens or other ornamentation to “dress up” the package. The recipient will surely be impressed with the “professional look” of the present!
    •    Stay Seamless – Scotch GiftWrap Tape features a unique satin finish that disappears on most gift wrap papers. Makes all your gifts look great! Easy to dispense and sticks securely.

    •    Make It Last – The joy of giving is always in style but before you start wrapping gifts, make sure you stock up on quality tape like Scotch Brand to ensure your packages stay sealed until its time to unwrap them.
    •    Waste Not, Want Not – Get creative with scraps of paper, ribbons and other found items to add pizzazz to your wrapping and help the environment by keeping these items out of the waste basket. 

    •    ‘Tis the Season – Before you start gift wrapping, put on some holiday music, relax and have fun! Remember – it’s the thought that counts!

About Lynn:

Lynn Spence really knows home d├ęcor. She acts as a regular style expert on Citytv's CityLine, Around the House and Fashion Friday. Through her passion and enthusiasm for style and design, she creates inspirational ideas and solutions to appeal to the viewer’s lifestyle.

She is known for her past work as the decorating editor for Chatelaine Magazine producing decorating editorials and covers. After two years with the magazine she returned to a freelance career as a contributing editor for Canadian Home and Country Magazine and continues to style photo shoots for various magazines.

* We interrupt this post to tell you one more reason why I love social media

Earlier I went to the Scotch Brand Facebook page and "liked" them... because I DO like them... and a little while later my husband started howling with laughter because he saw this...

That's right people. Under my recent facebook activity it says "Tara likes Scotch".


Thank-you Scotch Brand for sending me great products to use AND being an excellent source of entertainment for my husband :).

*And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...


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