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By combining the kid-friendly Nintendo DS with a proven reading curriculum developed and tested at the University of Colorado, My Virtual Tutor: Reading makes learning reading skills fun, affordable and portable!  Through interactive books, school age and grade relevant phonics instruction and  fun quiz modes, your child will learn the comprehension, phonics, fluency and vocabulary necessary to become an expert reader, all  while having fun with their Nintendo DS.

My Virtual Tutor: Reading greets your child first with a fun story in Read to Me mode, where the story is read by the tutor, accompanied by fun sounds and animations.  Once the story is read, your child  then accesses the story in Explore mode, which features comprehension questions which assess your child’s understanding of what they read.  After Explore mode, I Can Read mode is unlocked, where your child can read the story, play fun word-based minigames and even record and listen to him/herself reading aloud!  These minigames offer more practice to expand reading comprehension and vocabulary.  After playing I Can Read, your child can unleash their inner artist in paint mode while the story is read to them by the tutor.  Once your child completes all four modes in the first book, an additional book is unlocked in their library to read and explore.  These books were specially created at the University of Colorado to both engage readers and supply practice to gain fluent reading and comprehension.

At any point your child can also play phonics minigames building the skills necessary to become an independent reader.  The phonics games focus building words that start, contain, and end with certain letters and sounds.  These games progress along with your child by evaluating performance on the current concept then moving on once that concept has been mastered.  In addition to phonics practice, our challenge mode will test your child’s skills with survival-style gameplay.

After your child has explored a story and tested their phonics skills, he or she is ready for quiz mode!  Quiz mode tests the skills and concepts your child has learned up until that point in the game.  By answering story comprehension questions, word matching, and coloring (just for fun!) your child can unlock 20 great prizes!

Parents can access Parent Mode at any time to track your child’s progress and identify areas of mastery and areas needing more focus for deeper learning.

Key Features

Enhanced Learning – Reading as a fun activity
My Virtual Tutor: Reading has fun as a top priority.  By experiencing early reading through wonderful, hand-drawn animations and characters, along with fun mini-games, your child will not only learn to read; they’ll learn that reading is fun!

The game is based on the National Education Association standards for teaching literacy, and  derived from a system developed by researchers at the University of Colorado.  Delivered on the Nintendo DS, learning to read is made fun and portable.

Easy to Play
Nintendo DS uses the touchscreen exclusively; no need for long, wordy menus to begin and play! Your child can interact with the words and pictures in the game, and they can even paint a picture of the story while the virtual tutor reads.  With the portability of a Nintendo DS, your child can learn to read anywhere, anytime!

Adaptive learning
My Virtual Tutor: Reading teaches your child new skills as they master previous ones.  The activities are paced to correlate with their learning.  As your child performs better and faster, the game will dish out extra challenges to keep them excited and engaged.

Self-Correcting Practices
To help develop fluency, your child can read the books out-load using the Nintendo DS microphone.  After your child reads, the tutor will play back the recording and compare it to what she reads for self-correcting practice.

A Fun Reward System
Animated and interactive quizzes are introduced to test your child's retention of the skills and concepts they learned while playing the game.   As your child learns to read by mastering skills and concepts, fun prizes are awarded.  Your child will be eager to accumulate as many prizes as possible.

Parent Mode
By tracking your child’s progress, the tutor shows you where your child excels, and where more practice is needed.

Up to 3 Users per Game

With up to three possible user profiles, every child in your family can have their very own Virtual Tutor!


This educational game is geared right at my son Owen's age/grade so I will focus on what he thought of it- although Aiden and Olivia both played it a bit as well. Owen's favourite part is the "paint" mode. He loved that. He was able to complete the tasks quite easily so I think he might actually be a little advanced for the game. He told me that the stories weren't interesting enough but that it is more fun than regular school work.

I think it is a very clever way of helping your child with reading if they are having difficulties. The graphics are very kid friendly and the game is very easy to understand. Parent mode is helpful as well.
If your child is struggling with his/her reading than My Virtual Tutor is certainly worth a try! It is available for pre-kindergarten through grade 2.

Thanks so much to Mentor Interactive for sending me a review copy of this game.


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