Jammies, Christmas Carols and Sock Hops Oh My!

Friday was the last day of school before Christmas so there were all sorts of fun celebration-type things going on.  Not only was it wacky hair and PJ day but they also started off the day with Christmas caroling in the gym and ended it with a "sock hop".

Olivia doesn't go to school on Fridays but everyone was invited to join in with the Christmas caroling... plus Doug was doing the sound for it. We also got invited to go to the sock hop with Owen's class just for fun.

I took these pictures of the kids during the Christmas caroling...

Owen and his buddy Okot posing for the camera and having a great time

Olivia sitting right in the middle of all of Aiden's classmates.

Aiden chatting it up wearing his noise-reducing headphones. Aiden's Autism makes him especially sensitive to sound so he wears them anytime it is bound to be especially noisy. 

  Aiden's teacher gave him ( and other kids too ) the option of watching a movie instead of going to the sock hop so Doug went and hung out with Aiden while Olivia and I went to the sock hop with Owen. I tried to get a few pictures of Owen dancing...

That is our fabulous music teacher (in a blue hair wig) and principal (fuzzy blue jammies) leading the kids in the YMCA dance. Of course. :) Owen is in the green checkered pants with a black/yellow robe.
It was fun getting to hang out with the kids at school. I love our school :)


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