Gift Idea: Zhu Zhu Pets with the Wild Bunch

Video games can make a fabulous Christmas gift. Zhu Zhu Pets and the Wild Bunch for Wii is a fabulous kid gift.

Zip around with your favorite ZhuZhu Pets in 40+ levels of expanded Zhu-niverse exploration.  The second videogame entry of ZhuZhu Pets will introduce new ZhuZhu Pets and Wild Bunch characters to Nintendo DS and Wii! Fans will love caring for their pets and taking them on new, exciting adventures.

The Wild Bunch has broken loose and is up to its old tricks again!

Race through the wondrous Zhuniverse in a giant game of tag!  Explore the vast world of the ZhuZhu Pets Wild Bunch by using vehicles, collecting goodies and power-ups and playing with your ZhuZhu Friends.

Cooperative Multiplayer – Play with a friend while chasing down the mischievous wild bunch
Game Changing Power-ups – Grab the ski suit, jump suit, vacuum suit and others to find the best route to the finish!
Over 35 Levels – Travel through the woods and the neighborhood to visit other ZhuZhu pets

We are Zhu Zhu Pet fans in this household. It is one of the few games that all three kids can play together because it doesn't require a lot of reading. Zhu Zhu Pets with the Wild Bunch is a completely family friendly non-violent game. Olivia loved the Wild Bunch pets and was especially fond of the pink bunny.

The game is easy enough for Olivia to play the basic levels but it has some fun hidden stuff that keep it challenging for my boys as well. The graphics are bright and colourful and fun and each pet has a personality of their own which makes it quite entertaining.

The game is packaged to include a Zhu Zhu Pet toy which made it all the more attractive to my kiddos. It would make an excellent addition to the presents under the tree!


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