Gift Idea: Strawberry Shortcake- Berrywood Here We Come!

If you are still looking for an inexpensive last minute gift for the little girl in your life than be sure to check out Strawberry Shortcake in Berrywood: Here we Come!

Product Description

It’s lights, camera, action! Strawberry Shortcake and friends head off to Berrywood to visit Strawberry’s movie-star friend, Limelight. When they arrive, they’re shocked to see not everything is glitz and glamour. Strawberry must get her friends to come together and help Limelight realize that everyone can shine--because everyone is a star. Soon, Limelight’s movie is a berry big success. Next, it’s hooray for Berrywood! Strawberry and friends bring their Berrywood experience home and help re-open a local theater by pitching in and making a movie. But, trouble arises when Pie Man wants the theater for himself. After confronting Pie Man, Strawberry and the girls learn a valuable lesson--if there’s a problem, it’s best to talk about it. And, if they all work together as a team, they’re sure to make a berry good movie.


Olivia adores Strawberry Shortcake and she has watched Berrywood many times since it arrived at our house. I thought the movie was cute and perfect for little girls. It is, of course, 100% kid-safe. There is absolutely nothing objectionable at all in the movie. When I asked Olivia what she thought of it she told me to wait a minute then she ran and got her Strawberry Shortcake doll and proceeded to give me a lengthy explanation of the movie and characters and why they are fabulous. In other words she loves it :) .

Thanks so much to 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment for sending me a copy of this movie to review.


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