Gift Idea: Kidz Bop Dance Party for Wii

Kidz Bop Dance Party! 
The Video Game for Wii

Be the Newest Kidz Bop Dance Star! The #1 music brand for kids 5-12 hits the dance floor. Kidz can get their groove on to some of today’s greatest dance hits like Paparazzi, Get The Party Started and Thriller. Players step to the beat and learn all the moves from Kidz Bop Kids, Dana and Valerie.


24 songs popularized by artists such as Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Miley Cyrus and more
All songs sung ‘by kids for kids’ with family friendly lyrics
Kids are encouraged to express themselves creatively, there are no ‘losers’
Earn points by learning dance moves from Dana and Valerie and go shopping for kid-cool outfits, costumes, hairstyles, and accessories
Players only need the Wii Remote, no dance pad required
Get the party started with 2-player dance modes - fun for the entire family
Simple dance steps and controls for younger kids with hints and tips

The track list includes
  1. 1985
  2. All Star (Dance Mix)
  3. Axel F (Frog Song)
  4. Chicken Noodle Soup
  5. Circus
  6. Crazy in Love
  7. Disturbia
  8. Don’t Stop the Music
  9. Evacuate the Dance Floor
  10. Fire Burning
  11. Get the Party Started
  12. Girlfriend
  13. Hey Ya!
  14. Hot n Cold
  15. Ice Cream & Guacamole
  16. Kidz Bop Shuffle
  17. Let It Rock
  18. Live Your Life
  19. Paparazzi
  20. Party in the USA
  21. Say Hey (I Love You)
  22. Since U Been Gone
  23. Take You There
  24. Thriller


This is a great game for kids. All three of mine really had fun dancing to the music. I asked them what they thought of the game and here is what they said...

Owen: I think a video game that dances is fun! * insert little boy showing off dance moves here *

Aiden: Pretty cool. I liked the music. *insert odd noises and hand gestures that seem to indicate approval here*

Olivia: I like dancing *insert little girl twirling in circles here*.

I love that it is kid-appropriate and that there are no losers. I also love that Olivia was able to play without a whole lot of parent intervention.

Thanks so much to Kidz Bop for sending us a copy of this game to review.


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