Gift Idea: Cosmos Chaos for Nintendo DS

Do you know a kid who is struggling with reading and loves video games? How about a great game that combines gaming with learning? Perfect!

Cosmic Chaos! It’s intergalactic insanity!

Players are in for an exciting and challenging role playing adventure where they’ll will need to apply the knowledge and skills they acquire on their travels to conquer a universe of out of this world characters and unbelievable places.

Cosmos Chaos! TM was designed to align with 4th, 5th and 6th grade math, science, and social studies content standards and was supported by esearch-based vocabulary learning principles while at the same time using and capitalizing on successful game elements from popular kid-tested games creating an immersive game environment where students are active participants in an educational experience.
Cosmos Chaos!TM has been shown in research studies to be effective at improving students’ vocabulary knowledge.

Scientifically-based research demonstrated that kids playing the game in after-school settings increased their vocabulary knowledge, in many cases significantly.

GUEST REVIEW by my husband!

This is an educational game.  It tries to teach words.  You explore a town talking to people looking for sparkling stars on items which help you find words.  As you figure out where your dog went and find a friend robot you realize there’s lots going on.  It’s up to you to find your dog and find your robot the parts it needs to be able to talk again, by battling other robots.  Don’t worry all of this actually fits into the plot of the story much better then I have written it here.  

For each word you discover you win points, you win more points if you can choose the right way to use that word in a sentence.  There are other places where you get to answer questions and if you answer correctly you get bonuses or points.

The game is aimed at a younger gamer, but it’s fun, imaginative and kind of cool  I recommend this game to younger gamers.

Thanks so much to Mentor Interactive for sending me a copy of this game to review.


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