Gift Idea: Cher - The Film Collection

Cher : The Film Collection is an excellent gift for the Cher fan in your midst!

Watch the legendary entertainer in the roles that launched her into icon status.

The 6-Disc Set includes:

Disc 1: Chastity
Disc 2: Good Times
Disc 3: Mermaids
Disc 4: Moonstruck
Disc 5: Silkwood
Disc 6: Tea with Mussolini

Moonstruck - Film Clip - "All I'm Sayin'"

Guest Review by my mom!

These six movies take us from the 1960's to the late 1990's. The earliest of these movies, Good Times, stars both Sonny and Cher in perhaps the worst movie I've ever seen. The acting was terrible, and it was apparent that Sonny was in charge on and off screen.  

Chastity was written and produced by Sonny, but starred only Cher and saw her maturing as an actress. But once Sonny was out of the picture, Cher began to show her true acting abilities in Silkwood in which Cher co-starred with Meryl Streep. As I watched this drama, I was impressed that Cher's acting had matured enough to support her role.  

Moonstruck was such a pleasant surprise, and I found Cher's performance more convincing than in her previous movies. She finally melts enough to show some true emotion. Mermaids  was delightful and entertaining, and Cher's popularity went up in my books as she was able to portray a down-to-earth single mom who falls in love with a wonderful man because of his family values.  

Tea With Mussolini kept me on the edge of my seat. Cher, now a seasoned actress, played the brazen American woman with skill and charm. I found myself waiting for her appearances throughout the movie. Cher is clearly for adult viewing. I recommend this album not only for its entertainment value, but also because it provides a history of Cher's acting career during the 21st Century.

Moonstruck - Film Clip - "Love Bite"

Thanks so much to MGM Home Entertainment for sending me these movies to review.


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