Gift Idea: Camera Strap from BlackRapid

A camera strap from Black Rapid is the perfect gift for the photographer in your life! I was sent the RS-W1 camera strap to try and I have used it about a zillion times since it arrived. I wore it pretty much the entire time I was at Blissdom Canada too....

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Now available in both Classic Floral and Ballistic Nylon fabrics
The RS-W1 is BlackRapid's introduction to designing a camera strap specifically for women. Part of the award winning R-Strap line, the RS-W1 is the world's first camera strap that focuses on the perfect fit for the female. While maintaining the traditional "Built for Speed" design, our designers added a sleek curve highlighted with an elegant but slight pattern accent. This RS-W1 provides comfort, speed, and durability along with graceful styling.

I found the strap incredibly handy and very comfortable to wear. It as relatively easy to get it adjusted perfectly for me. It made life a lot more simple at the conference for sure! I was able to carry around my purse, laptop and conference swag with my camera easily accessible at my side. I loved being able to take a picture anytime without having to dig my camera out of a bag first. I also had a lot of ladies tell me how great they thought it was which is always a good sign.

My husband actually won a Rapid Strap awhile back and here is what he has to say about his RS-7:


I won a Black Rapid RS-7 strap a little while ago entering a contest on a podcast.  If you don’t want to read this whole review, bottom line is after trying this, I will not likely go back to a ‘normal’ camera strap ever again.  I would pay my own money for this strap if I didn’t already have one, knowing now what I do.

Since receiving the strap I have shot several events, and gone on several photowalks with it as well.  It places the weight of the camera when you’re walking off your neck  and on your shoulder.  I have shot with a hotshoe mounted flash and had no problems.  

Certainly you have to be aware of your camera when you’re walking through tight areas or through a maze of people, but you have to do that with a ‘normal’ camera strap as well.

I use the strap more then I did a normal strap because I had always found that a neck strap didn’t give me freedom to move around and I would often wrap the strap around my wrist instead of my neck. 

The strap mounts to the camera via the tripod mount on the bottom of your camera so it leaves the top of the camera open.  It has made seeing the top LCD easier and when I’m just taking the camera out of my bag to shoot something really quickly, there’s no strap at all to worry about.  When you’re out walking, there are bumpers that hold the camera in place.  If you’re hiking more then you are walking you can get what BlackRapid calls the “Brad” strap. Which attachs the strap under your arm front to back (Brad as in pit... yes it’s clever, corny but clever and now neither of us will forget it)  I have not used that strap very often as the RS-7 doesn’t move much by itself.

The camera is easier to get to then when I had a strap hanging around my neck.  The camera is lower on my body, but I can grab it with my right hand in a much more natural motion and bring it up to my eye in a more fluid motion.  

My only criticism, and it’s a small thing, is the strap itself, is ‘just’ the right length for me.  I’m six feet one inch tall, and I think anyone much taller then me would have a harder time.  The strap is well made, it’s easy to use, and makes using my camera even more fun.

Highly recommended.

* See my husband's fabulous photography on his website *

Thanks so much to Black Rapid for the super cool camera strap!


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