Gift Idea: Battle Force 5 on DVD

Battle Force 5: Season 1

The first season of Battle Force 5 ™ follows the team as they tackle their most difficult mission to date, finding a way home! This proves to be anything but easy; everything and everyone is against them: alien wasps, Sherman and Spinner’s BattleZone™ monster and strangely enough – themselves. In a dramatic turn, Sark™ and Vandals™ join forces to trick the BF5 into thinking both enemy forces have been defeated and the war is over, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The BF5 must rescue Sage and find a way home from the Sentient Homeworld.  Can they do this in time?


My sons have watched Battle Force 5 on TV many times and Aiden was pretty excited when this DVD arrived in the mail. I asked the kids what they thought of it and here is what they said...

Aiden: It's good. I like it because it is cars that do very damaging things.

*Owen: I don't like it because it is not that interesting. Well I like the cars but I don't like the people.

Olivia: I don't like it because it is for boys. 

* please note that despite what he says every time the show is on he watches it... so I guess the fact that the cars are cool make up for his displeasure with the people.

I think Battle Force 5 on DVD would probably make a great gift for any car-loving boy. It is 100% kid-friendly with nothing objectionable in it. I personally find some of the characters pretty funny :).

I was sent a copy of this DVD for review purposes.


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